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Artist Bio & Press

Aaron Forsyth, otherwise known as EronOne is a creative professional from Kingston, Ontario. Aaron specializes in vibrant custom murals and design work. At an early age he showed an interest in arts and illustration, filling black books with sketches from end to end. Aaron later went on to pursue an education in animation, developing a strong foundation of technical drawing skills. He decided to change course by transitioning into the world of retail, eventually co-founding a lifestyle boutique in 2005. Through this venture, Aaron began offering custom designs for apparel and in house products sold at the shop. As well as being a small business owner, Aaron was taking commissions for canvas work. Many of these clients were interested in larger scale artwork, leading to residential, institutional and commercial art projects. Aaron is on the City of Kingston’s teaching roster and has held art workshops within the Limestone District School Board and the Kingston community. He has been an active member of the arts community and involved with large scale events such as Montreal’s Under Pressure live painting exposition. Today, Aaron works as a full-time artist.

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